Take the Cake

Saturday I had a serious craving for cheesecake. Gamer Man’s not a fan of cream cheese. And by ‘not a fan’ I mean he really hates the stuff, but luckily he’ll eat the occasional cheesecake. I, on the other hand, LOVE anything covered in that creamy cheesy tangy goodness. My side of the family puts it on everything from eggs to sandwiches (both of which sends Gamer Man running for the hills, poor guy). Anywho, after reading up on what to do and adjusting recipes to fit my spring form pan I managed to create THIS!
[Had to re-plate since I’m not one to serve food on foil…]
I’ve never baked a cheesecake before so seeing this as a result blew my mind :P Gamer Man was pretty impressed as well, and after serving up this baby we both fell into a luxurious cheesecake coma. YUM. It’s pretty rich, which means it’ll probably last us a week. Good news since his parents will be in town this weekend and if they decide to test my baking abilities by requesting cheesecake I’ll have this delicious treat right up my sleeve!

On a slightly more geeky note: I hit 50 this weekend! No, not my age, my toon’s level in Wow :D I can finally use all that sweet gear I’d gotten last week while Pugging! Whoever decided to implement cross server dungeon runs is my hero… Oodles of XP in just a few minutes makes this girl very happy. Now if only I could get my jewelcrafting skill up without paying a couple thousand gold…

Edit: Well this afternoon while flying around completing questies I spotted what looked like a pink lawn flamingo walking around Mulgore. Since I was flying all the way to Gadgetzan, it had a good bit of time to Google the crap out of this mysterious pink bird I thought I’d seen. Turns out it was the rare strider Mazzaranche!!! After hightailing it back to Mulgore and taking a picture,


I decided to strip down to the black dress Gamer Man’s toon made me (thanks, honey!) and fight it! Unfortunately I forgot to take my Ret aura off and killed the bird instantly.

So much for an action shot, eh? Lol. Oh well… It had less than 200 hp and dropped only a grey item, so guess it wasn’t really worth all the trouble :P Still, seeing something pink in WoW makes my heart smile.


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