Shootin’ Bunnies

I have to admit, I haven’t played WoW in almost a month.
I KNOW, RIGHT!? What the heck is stopping me from raiding, questing, or fishing? Well for one thing, I really hate playing alone. I usually play with Gamer Man, but lately the internet connection has been fickle so we’ve pretty much abandoned WoW for RED DEAD REDEMPTION! Tha-at’s right! I love that game so much! Normally I don’t enjoy first person shoot’em-up games, but there comes a time in every girl’s life where she just has to give in to the XBox.
Which reminds me, I bought myself an XBox this week! My very first system :) :) :) Go ahead and wax nostalgic on the day you brought home your first system… it’s a wonderful emotion so the geek inside me is going pretend everyone knows what I’m talking about, hehe. Though it’s mine, I mainly bought it so my father could use it. He’s 72 years young and decided since he’s retiring next month, he’d like to investigate video games! Could a daughter BE more proud? I got him something overly-similar to this because the man loves planes. We’ll find out Sunday whether my master plan to turn my parents into gamers is a huge success or … well what else could it be!? It’s going to be EXCELLENT!!!
BTW, since you’ve made it down this far, check out the trailer for the Scott Pilgrim game!


I’ve had some manicotti shells sitting in the pantry that keep staring me down every time I open the door, so this week I decided to cook them up! I never really thought about making these cheese-filled tubies until a classmate of mine gave me a yummy recipe. Since this happened a few years back, and neither the recipe nor our friendship stood the test of time, I’ve no way of recovering it. I gave it my best shot anyway and Gamer Man approved of my handiwork with a hearty “MMMMMMMMMM” :) I love that man so much!

Recipe adapted from: AllRecipes [I also crumbled two links of Italian sausage in the sauce because it’s not dinner if there’s no meat, right?]

Clearly I need to work on getting better pictures, but despite the look of this dish it was DELICIOUS! A Caesar salad and beer rounded it off so well for Gamer Man that I got rewarded later ;) Talk about “kiss the cook”!


I ♥ Ikea

-Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. With spring classes almost over I should be back to normal postings soon-


Because Gamer Man and I have a deep-seeded love for Asian food, we decided to purchase a wok! We couldn’t wait until the end of the week to test drive it, and what did we choose to make? FRIED RICE! Seriously, what’s there not to like about the stuff… fried starch, eggs, veggies… something for everyone!!!


Best $8 I ever spent


Trust me, if you’re going to make any type of stir fried food, you NEED a wok :) It makes everything infinitely easier and you won’t know how you got by without one. Buy one. BUY ONE NOW.