I’ve had some manicotti shells sitting in the pantry that keep staring me down every time I open the door, so this week I decided to cook them up! I never really thought about making these cheese-filled tubies until a classmate of mine gave me a yummy recipe. Since this happened a few years back, and neither the recipe nor our friendship stood the test of time, I’ve no way of recovering it. I gave it my best shot anyway and Gamer Man approved of my handiwork with a hearty “MMMMMMMMMM” :) I love that man so much!

Recipe adapted from: AllRecipes [I also crumbled two links of Italian sausage in the sauce because it’s not dinner if there’s no meat, right?]

Clearly I need to work on getting better pictures, but despite the look of this dish it was DELICIOUS! A Caesar salad and beer rounded it off so well for Gamer Man that I got rewarded later ;) Talk about “kiss the cook”!


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