Shootin’ Bunnies

I have to admit, I haven’t played WoW in almost a month.
I KNOW, RIGHT!? What the heck is stopping me from raiding, questing, or fishing? Well for one thing, I really hate playing alone. I usually play with Gamer Man, but lately the internet connection has been fickle so we’ve pretty much abandoned WoW for RED DEAD REDEMPTION! Tha-at’s right! I love that game so much! Normally I don’t enjoy first person shoot’em-up games, but there comes a time in every girl’s life where she just has to give in to the XBox.
Which reminds me, I bought myself an XBox this week! My very first system :) :) :) Go ahead and wax nostalgic on the day you brought home your first system… it’s a wonderful emotion so the geek inside me is going pretend everyone knows what I’m talking about, hehe. Though it’s mine, I mainly bought it so my father could use it. He’s 72 years young and decided since he’s retiring next month, he’d like to investigate video games! Could a daughter BE more proud? I got him something overly-similar to this because the man loves planes. We’ll find out Sunday whether my master plan to turn my parents into gamers is a huge success or … well what else could it be!? It’s going to be EXCELLENT!!!
BTW, since you’ve made it down this far, check out the trailer for the Scott Pilgrim game!

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