Roll over, Beethoven!

Gamer Man and I have a shared passion for Chinese food. Not the fast-food kind… The real stuff you can only get from being close with someone’s grandmother. Unfortunately since we now live miles away from any decent Chinese chow, we decided to be industrious and make our own egg rolls and fried rice.
Now when I say “industrious” I mean we went online, looked at a few recipes, and raided the freezer.



First piece of advice: don’t use Italian sausage as a substitute for unseasoned pork sausage.


Second piece of advice: don’t omit the cabbage. Ever.


Honestly folks, those two tidbits can really make your rolls go from awful to amazing in no time. Luckily for us, I can fry up some mean fried rice so last nights dinner wasn’t a total bomb :P Perhaps luckier still, this wasn’t another “fruit-loop-orange-beef” incident (nothing more embarrassing than cooking impalatable food for your future-MIL).


Anywho, the menfolk are coming over tonight to play in the garage so tacos are the go-to meal :) Hooray for safe food!