We ♥ Piggies!

Near Gamer Man’s work, there’s a BBQ joint which serves THE BEST pulled pork sandwiches. Given the choice between a vacation in the Bahamas and a free pulled pork sandwich, I’d choose the sandwich. Seriously… they’re that good.

So, in my effort to replicate and improve upon every food item I consume, I decided to make pulled pork sandwiches! I knew how they should taste, but since the only spices I regularly use are salt and pepper, I had to turn to the interwebs for help. I can’t tell you how many recipes I looked at, but I finally decided on Kevin & Amanda’s version because it looked so stinkin’ good!

My alterations… Fresh garlic and some liquid smoke.
The finished product :)

The only drawback to this meal was I cut the porkage in half, but forgot to take this into account when it came to spices (hey, I never said I was good at math!), so it was a tad spicy. Otherwise it was PERFECT-OH!



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