Black pepper green beans

What a title! I tell ya, sometimes I just blow myself away with these posts… Where DOES this genius come from!?

Neither Gamer Man nor I truly like green bean casserole. Sure, we’ll eat it if it’s the only way we can get a green bean, but if we had our way those little green noms would be covered in butter and pepper.

Dreams really do come true!
These beans originated when GM and I were first dating and I tried to get him to eat veggies.
They are now a staple in our house.
You will love them too.


Black pepper green beans:

1lb frozen or fresh green beans
1/2 Tbsp butter spread
black pepper to taste


Trim and cut green beans into bite-size pieces.
Pop them in a frying pan with your butter spread and saute for 5-7 minutes.
Add pepper to taste.
Super simple, super delicious.
Give’em a try!