Aaaaaand…. GO!

You’ll be pleased to know, though, that I have started playing WoW again! HOORAY!!! With Cata on the horizon, I gave in to the tugging on my heartstrings and am exercising my RetPally & FrostFire Mage :D Gamer Man also started playing again, so not only do I get to hang with him in the real world, but in cyberland too. So many happy things happening these days *sigh*


Speaking of happy things… This year, my lovely honey and I will be cooking our own Thanksgiving feast.
You’ve no idea how much joy writing that sentence gives me :)
Since we’re both such picky eaters, this is finally our chance to have the traditional meal our way! Which means the following:

A turkey breast because we only eat white meat
No stuffing, despite it my recipe not having giblets (which GM pronounces like a la Barry Gibb… hehehe!)
Pepper beans in place of green bean casserole since it’s healthier and MAJORLY yummer
Home made cranberry sauce for me
Home made gravy
White rolls since they’re… well you just have to have rolls!
No candied yams or other sweet potato nonsense
Lots and lots of heavenly mashed potatoes
Home made pie crust for my amazing pumpkin pie!

I’ll be posting recipes over the weekend and documenting our super-awesome Turkey Day.
Have a great one!



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