Halloween Recap!

Halloween is FINALLY over… HOORAY! Not that I didn’t have a fun holiday. In fact it was quite the opposite!


I made my costume by hand (and won a costume contest!).
I made witch hat cookies.
I made ghosty cake pops.
I made chil-EEK! rellenos and monster margaritas.
I made ghost luminaries.
I started playing Fable 3.


That was my weekend in a nutshell :) It was fab! This year Gamer Man and I went to our friends J&J’s Halloween party. Last year was my first time attending, so I had no idea there was a costume contest!!! Being the uber competitive gal I am, I immediately set my sights on winning. Once we decided to be Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox, I could almost taste that Best Buy gift card (mmm… plastic-ey). I found this missy and decided to copy her costume with some slight alterations: smaller horns, no cow nose, and knee highs rather than thigh highs (GM’s idea, not mine). And it turned out like this!!!


Starred for privacy ;)
If you want to duplicate you’ll need…
Ears – Blue and pink felt. The stiffer precut squares are best
A headband to hot glue the ears and horns to once assembled
Hair – A blue wig
A cowbell attached to a ribbon or rope, fashioned into a necklace
Clothing – 100% cotton shirt and long underwear, dyed with Rit’s Midnight Blue; cut the pants into shorts and turn the ankle bit upside down to make leg warmers!
Blue stockings (got mine at Target!)
Hooves – Half a yard of tan felt, cut to wrap around a pair of heels; remainder is cut to wrap around hands
Velcro! To fasten your hooves together ;)


Feel free to message me for a tutorial – I’m good at them… it’s what I do for a living! Anywho, I won the contest and the card tasted just as I’d imagined :) Okay, I’m done gloating (FOR NOW!) and will move on to nom noms!


Friday my mother’s 3rd graders had a Fall Festival party so I made these which turned out like this:



Still working on my piping skills lol.

The kids loved them. Win #2!

My cousin and her broodlings were supposed to stop by last night for special treats, so I had to come up with some serious treat pwnage. Enter cake cops! I’ll post more on them later, but here’s how they turned out:



Since no kids were around to eat them, I had to make GM and his brother (and his brother’s friends, and my parents) eat them. I’m anti-chocolate (allergic, not against!) so I can’t give my take, but EVERY PERSON WHO ATE ONE RAVED ABOUT IT. Two of them said it tasted like a Hostess cupcake, the rest made yummy noises. Win #3!

Chil-EEK! rellenos and monster margaritas are a standard at our place, so no real new stuff there. Except for the discovery that you can add food color to margaritas! I made them purple because I reckon all tasty monsters are purple :) No pics because we at them so fast. Future post, people… future post. Oh, and win #4 since GM’s little bro said they were “bomb”!

Win #5 is thanks to Amanda who inspired me to make these:



I was strapped for time when making the faces (Halloween AM!) so I whipped out my craft sponges and went the easy route. They turned out cute and lots of people ogled them on the way up the driveway.


And last but not least, I started Fable 3 this weekend. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a chance to pounce on our XBox, so when GM went to decorate the front of the house, I grabbed that controller SO FAST! F3 is definitely worth the wait and WAY cooler than F2. I’m playing the princess, but like all good fairy tales I had to be rescued by GM once because I can’t get the hang of roll-shoot-roll ;) I’m also taking the evil route… except I don’t have many followers because of it, but I’m sure I can fix that soon enough. Just have to pry the controller away from the boys again lol.
Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!

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