We’ve moved AND changed our name!

It’s like getting married without the diets and spray tan!

Gamer Man and I would like to welcome everyone to the new site. In the coming weeks we’ll be working on migrating posts and cleaning up the place, so we won’t judge you if you add us to your Reader and then hit the XBox for some Dead Space 2!

GamerGirl + GamerMan


Jam Session

I woke up today with a serious craving for jam.



Since we all know how impatient I am, I opened this.



And then I did this.



And a whole lotta this.



And was left with this.



It was DIVINE.



Gotta Catch’em All!

I am a pokemon fangirl. I LOVE those little monsters.
The reason I love them can be squarely placed on my mother’s shoulders since she’s the one who confiscated a Gameboy (complete with Pokemon Red cartridge!) from one of her students and gave it to me to play with. Let’s just say the kid never got his game back, and I found a new obsession.
That was back in 1996. Fifteen years have passed and I only have two words for you:



You know what I’ll be doing in a few weeks :D



VIPeanut Brittle

I’m a lover of science. Geography to be exact, but that’s neither here nor there… or is it? ;)
And color me geeky, but I get excited over recipes which involve cool gear (read: thermometers). So it wasn’t by accident that I chose peanut brittle to be the recipe I inducted my brand new candy thermometer into the kitchen with.
Some of you are wondering why this peanut brittle is so very important… Let’s just say it isn’t the brittle you nomnomed as a kid.


1 cup sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 cup water
1/8 cup sherry
1 cup peanuts (get the salted ones!)
2 Tablespoons butter (room temperature)
1 teaspoon baking soda


Before you begin, prep a half sheet with parchment paper. Do it now or else you’ll regret it later!


Whip out your trusty sauce pan and over medium heat, bring the sugar, sherry, water, and corn syrup to a boil.


Almost there!


Dump in your peanuts.



And return to a boil.



Keep stirring until your candy thermometer = 300F.


Remove from heat and stir in some gloriousness.




This part goes fast so don’t forget the baking soda. STIR FURIOUSLY!



Once all the goodness is incorporated, pour the mixture onto your prepped half sheet (you DID prep it already, right?) and quickly spread it into a 10×12 inch(ish) mass.



It doesn’t have to look pretty because once it cools you’re going to break it up. Or you can eat it in one giant piece. I won’t judge you if you do.



Note: Don’t be alarmed if you want need to make a second batch almost immediately after tasting the first.


It was only a few hours after making this before Gamer Man requested another batch. Two jars of peanuts later, I was hiding a ZipLock bag of the stuff behind the liquor so there would be some left for the relatives.


Just sayin’


Christmas Yummies

Gamer Man is a saint. He put up with my baking craziness, sewing episodes, and spent Christmas Eve and Day with my extended family, and he STILL finds it in his heart to love me :) I am SO lucky!
I’m also lucky that he likes food because that’s mainly how I roped him into all of the above (yes, even the sewing… it’s amazing what the promise of fudge will do)!
So here’s a few shots of the Christmas Yummies I made each family (and GM) this year for the holidays:
Those ones with the dots are Gamer Man’s mom’s ALMOND COOKIES! Just like you’d find in a Chinese dive, but lighter, fluffier, and oh-so-delicious! I contemplated keeping these for myself since they were so amazing, but Gamer Man was already up to his eyeballs in cookies so those that didn’t make it into my belly were farmed off to relatives. I miss them. The cookies, not my relatives (unless you’re related to me… In which case: Hi y’all! How’d you like the nom-noms!?)
Clockwise: Peppermint bark, Marshmallow fudge, GMM’s almond cookies, VIPeanut brittle, White chocolate fudge.
Center: Snickerdoodle cupdakes w/cream cheese frosting and mini snickerdoodles!!!
Recipes to follow!
…after I complete a few dungeons…





Since this was Gamer Man’s and my first Christmas in a house, I decided I needed to commemorate it with something special. Enter hand-made stockings!
I found these on Etsy and decided re-create them for us!
Let me preface this with the fact that I’m NOT a sewer. I’ve replaced buttons and sequins, but that’s the extent of my sewing capabilities. After some creative episodes (read: tantrums) and enough trips to make my face familiar with the local JoAnne Crafts store, I finished our stockings…
And what a success!!!
Gamer Man requested a Christmas tree…
while I went for color bursts!
The stitches aren’t perfect, the stockings aren’t quite the same shape, and they weren’t strong enough to actually hang with goodies in them… But I L-O-V-E them and it makes it all the more meaningful to me :) I can’t wait to hone my sewing skills so somewhere down the line I can look back and see my progress! Ah… simple pleasures.

So it’s mid-January…

Happy 2011, everyone!!! I’m super excited to get started sharing yummy recipes :)
This holiday season was a very productive one – complete with baking, stocking-making, and decorating Gamer Man’s & my FIRST REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!
Before I get going with looping everyone in with sweet details, I want to say thanks to each of you for your continued support of my blog. It’s been delicious and fun, and I couldn’t have done it without you!
Okay, enough mushy-talk. Recipe tiiiiiiime!