Christmas Yummies

Gamer Man is a saint. He put up with my baking craziness, sewing episodes, and spent Christmas Eve and Day with my extended family, and he STILL finds it in his heart to love me :) I am SO lucky!
I’m also lucky that he likes food because that’s mainly how I roped him into all of the above (yes, even the sewing… it’s amazing what the promise of fudge will do)!
So here’s a few shots of the Christmas Yummies I made each family (and GM) this year for the holidays:
Those ones with the dots are Gamer Man’s mom’s ALMOND COOKIES! Just like you’d find in a Chinese dive, but lighter, fluffier, and oh-so-delicious! I contemplated keeping these for myself since they were so amazing, but Gamer Man was already up to his eyeballs in cookies so those that didn’t make it into my belly were farmed off to relatives. I miss them. The cookies, not my relatives (unless you’re related to me… In which case: Hi y’all! How’d you like the nom-noms!?)
Clockwise: Peppermint bark, Marshmallow fudge, GMM’s almond cookies, VIPeanut brittle, White chocolate fudge.
Center: Snickerdoodle cupdakes w/cream cheese frosting and mini snickerdoodles!!!
Recipes to follow!
…after I complete a few dungeons…




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