Craxy Feta

There are times in my life when I wonder what rock I’ve been hiding under.

Like the time I discovered avocados are a gift from above.

Or the time GamerMan cooked my steak to medium and I wanted to impress him so I ate it anyways and I didn’t die!


Well today was one of those days. Today I ate feta and it was FREAKIN’ AMAZING. image I’ve eatten feta before, but it was in some premade salad and it didn’t rock my world. But this dip is made with brick feta, freshly crumbled and combined with some totally nomworthy add-ins.


I’m not gonna lie, it takes a bit of work to make this stuff… Waiting for stuff to roast, then cool, then chop, then mix? Snoozeville. But when you take that first bite ZOMG!!!


Check out Jessica’s blog for the recipe.


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