Peaches Three Ways

Last week our local grocer got a huge shipment of peaches, which meant they were on sale, which meant I literally filled my basked with those fuzzy orange beauties.


So, what did I do with all those peaches once I got home? Well I’ll tell you!

They sat on the counter all weekend.


You see, we’re not that fond of peaches. We’ll eat one on occasion, but there’s just something about a) their juice, b) their pit, and c) their fuzzies that drive us away. But since I bought a paycheck’s worth of peaches in one day, I decided we were going to like peaches if it was the last thing we do!

GamerMan then brought his genius to the table by declaring we should make drunken peaches. I’m not even going to lie, I love that man something FIERCE when the only recipe he can think up is alcohol + fruit. After looking in the liquor cubby for several minutes and not finding a single bev to pour over these juicy peaches, I decided upon three!

Peaches with Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka (uh… y.u.m!)

Peaches with Disaronno (I think I died and went to heaven) and Peaches with Peach Schnapps (because the only thing missing from peaches is peach alcohol o_O)


We let these “marinate” overnight and had a boozey Sunday morning. Don’t worry, we had some dairy in there so it’s TOTALLY ok for breakfast :)



There really is no recipe to this except to pour enough liquor over the peaches so they’re relatively submerged. What you choose to do with the leftover alcohol is your call – I’ve already thrown caution to the wind by eating these for brunch… anyone who judges you doesn’t deserve your peaches!




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