Surfboard Cake

Dude, I don’t even know where to begin with this post…

Oh yea.


So GamerMan’s little bro just celebrated another birthday :) Technically he was born today, but being the impatient kids we are, we totally celebrated it on Sunday. It was small. It was fun. It was bitchin’ beachin’!

Eric’s a boarder. Snow, skate, surf. He’ll probably be the first to buy a hoverboard when those come out. No lie. And since I’ve been buried in pictures of fluffy and frilly and flowery wedding cakes, I pounced at the chance to make a boyish cake.

Enter the surfboard cake.

Rice crispy treats molded into the shape of a surfboard. Covered in a light layer of cream cheese frosting. Wrapped in white and blue marshmallow fondant. With a tiny black edible paper logo of Broken Glass (the surfboard design company he works with).

Hawaiian shirt paper napkins FTW!


Eric was totally beaming when he saw this thing. SUCCESS!


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