Pineberry Punch

Hi again! Okay, okay, I know I’m totally slacking on this blog thing. Sorries :(

With the wedding 4 months away, I’ve been knee deep in dresses and centerpieces and boots and hair styles and, and, and… Did anyone know getting married was this much work? Um, not moi. But I’ve got the help of THE most amazing bridal party ever so I’m not as stressed as I’d expect to be! Woot woot – I love you girls!

Anywhoooooo, GamerMan was a total sweetheart today and bought me the drink dispenser I’ve been oogling all spring. I really love that man! As we drove home brainstorming boozy punch recipes, we realized a trip to BevMo was in order :happydance:


We picked up a bottle of Skyy Infusions All Natural Pineapple Vodka with the backing of the cutest Skyy sales rep ever and headed home to whip up this tasty punch. Whether or not you’ve got a cute punch bowl or drink dispenser, go out and grab a bottle of Skyy’s newest flavor. I guarantee you’ll love it!

Pineberry Punch

5 cups cranberry juice
2 cups Skyy Infusions All Natural Pineapple Vodka
1 cup peach schnapps

Stir together in a large drink dispenser/punch bowl filled with ice. Garnish served drinks with fresh pineapple wedges.
BONUS: Serve punch over frozen pineapple chunks in place of ice!

Enjoy your Saturday, my friends!


I wasn’t paid for promoting Skyy’s product and all opinions are wholeheartedly my own.

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