There, I said it. Didja miss me, too? Who are we kidding…

Because my recipes are lacking (we’re in serious diet mode over here, and it ain’t pretty), I’m starting up a weekly installment I like to call Th.oughts. Don’t worry, you’ll totally get it by the end of this post.

0. This is going to be a crazy-expensive Christmas. Did anyone else watch E3? If you did, you know my pain. If you didn’t be prepared to receive an extra long wish list this year. And for any birthdays before July 2013…

01. My cellphone contract is up next month. I’ve been an Android supporter over the years, but now I’m leaning toward Apple. Massive debate aside, anyone have any device advice?

10. I want like 50 things for my birthday. Including these, this, this, and these. I am a strange combo of girl + geek.

11. Looks familiar…

100.  Totes dying to make these doughnuts from HowSweetEats.

101.  Last weekend I convinced GamerMan we needed new bedding for the summer. I only got away with this by picking something blue and “not too girly”.

110. Also helping me win him over? Thanks Max!

111. My favorite part of this whole wedding thing is the cake tasting. It makes me forget about all the silly people out there who want things their way or the highway. I love you, cake!

1000. But then I remember that I have to fit into this… Someone, come over and eat all these samples with me!

1001. Chickacado wraps for dinner = FTY!

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