One. The number of seconds it took me to decide this credenza needed to be in my life #goodwillgrab


Two. Portabello tacos for me! #betchaitsabella


Three. Minutes after eating a fluffernutter sundae I thought it was the best, worst decision I ever made #deathbymarshmallow


Four. Leige waffles for breakfast #booyeabelgium


Five. Of the most amazing ribbies ever! #oinkoink


Six. Days until all these little guys bit the dust :( #itsanicefarm


Seven. Months since I’ve been able to wear this on the correct finger! #minusfiftyandcounting


Eight. Legged-freak was hiding in our laundry #killitwithfire


Nine. How old I feel when I play with Legos #childhoodiscalling


Ten. Dollars worth of candles for FREE! #couponqueen

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