Hi again + a challenge!

SO remember when this happened?

Welp, we sealed the deal!

Check out those Vans, man! Ah, reason # 3163619 why I married this guy :) Everything about him, right down to his shoes, makes my heart sing.

Recap! Our wedding was held outside on a local apple orchard and living history site (colonial reenactments, ftw!) on the afternoon of November 10th. I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop than the changing leafs and blue skies. It was seriously my dream wedding – right down to the twinkle lights in the barn! Everything about the day went smoothly and even though it was totally freezing outside, Craichaus warmed us with their sweet Irish folk songs, and Shamrockabilly tunes! Ah, it was incredible. Oh yea. And the food? BBQ. In.yo.face.

Anyways, now that we’re back from Honeymoonlandia, I thought I’d pop in and say hey and thank you for hanging around to read this! The normally scheduled programming begins Wednesday, but while you’re here…

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