DSLR Tidbit: Lens Caps

I’ve had something on my wishlist for a long, long time. An object so coveted I’d been saving my own pennies so I could someday afford it. A DSLR camera.

Saturday evening was my grandfather’s birthday. As we sat around the dinner table celebrating with him, my cousin turned to me and asked if I’d gotten the camera I’d planned to buy. I admitted I hadn’t, and the conversation dropped. What I hadn’t noticed was my husband motioning to her to knock it off because HE’D ALREADY BOUGHT ME ONE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!!!


Folks, I’d like to introduce you to my new baby.


She’s a Nikon d5200 and she’s a beauty!!! 24.1 megapixels. 24.1! Coincidentally that’s my new favorite number :) Am I the luckiest or what? Huge shout-out to my amazeballs husband for surprising me with such a great camera and for having the faith in me to learn how to use it! I love you <3

Because my New Year’s resolution was to post more blog articles, I decided to roll my Lenten commitment that way as well — in the form of 40 days of DSLR tips! You’ll get learn how to use a DSLR camera alongside me (and maybe give me tips?) all while snapping up some fun, simple recipes! Sounds like a plan, right!? Okay! Let’s get started!


Today’s DSLR tidbit is an easy one. Lens Caps. I know it may seem like a cop out of a tidbit but seriously folks, I can’t even begin to tell you how much trouble I have with these. I’ll set up a nice shot and my camera’s display shows an error that there’s not enough light to capture the subject. The result is me spending several minutes pressing buttons, checking the battery, and resigning myself to having broken the camera already… And that’s when I realize I’ve left the lens cap on.


As someone who’s only used tiny point-and-shoot, purse cameras or the built-in shooters on my phone, I’m not used to removing a lens cap to take a picture. I’m also not used to remembering where I’ve left it after 20 minutes of taking pictures of and eating a piece of cake. It’s something that must run in my family because I have many fond memories of precariously posing with trees, animals, and food on family vacations while my mother attempted to catch the moment… with the lens cap on. Yet another way we’re alike, haha.

There are some pretty nifty products out there which will allow you to keep track of your lens cap. Photojojo sells one which allows you to snap the lens cap to your camera strap, and is a steal for only $15!

photo credit: photojojo

Anyway, if you’re brand new to DSLRs and are having trouble remembering where your lens cap is after you’ve finally removed it from your camera, do what I’ve started to do: when you’re ready to start taking pictures, remove the lens cap and place it in your jewelry dish. It works for me because I usually remove my rings before mucking around in the kitchen, and since I always keep track of my rings, I now always know where my lens cap is! Unless it’s still on the camera of course :P

Join me tomorrow for another tidbit!

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