DSLR Tidbit: You need a camera bag

Alright, this one’s not really about using the camera, but it’s majorly important!!! You wouldn’t carry around a cupcake or a baby in your backpack or purse, would you? So why would you use one to carry around your DSLR!?

Even before I got my camera I’d been looking for a sweet, stylish camera bag that didn’t look like a camera bag. I wanted something that was classy, trendy, and beautiful — which is why I settled on Epiphanie.


Epiphanie camera bags are totally gorgeous (even more so in real life), reasonably priced, and, get this, the inside is customizable! Oh my god, right!? Every bag comes with Velcro inserts which can be rearranged to fit your storage needs. I love that! Also a plus? Each bag on the site has a shot of all the items you can fit in it! Genius.

Like traditional camera bags, these are have cushioned, reinforced sides so even if you bump into something, your stuff won’t be destroyed. But unlike traditional camera bags, you’d never be able to tell its real purpose from just looking at it. They look like a fabulous bag you’d nab at a department store, and no one would ever know you’re packing a DSRL.


Honestly though, I think the thing I adore most about Epiphanie is that it was created by a photographer. In 2009 Maile Wilson founded Epiphanie after struggling with her own camera storage issues (in her purse, cushioned by a towel just wasn’t cutting it anymore). Starting with only three bags, Maile (pronounced My-lee) has grown her business substantially thanks to folks like you and me who crave something different than our mother’s boxy, generic camera bags. Today she’s got 8 women’s styles in vibrant and classic colors, as well as a budding men’s line! Super excited to watch this company grow :)

The bag I’m sporting right now is the Ginger in Caramel. It arrived Thuesday — happy valentine’s day to me — and I actually love it more than any of my everyday purses, haha. I cannot wait to take it everywhere and surprise folks when I whip out my camera!


All opinions are entirely my own and I was not solicited or paid for my comments. Whether or not you purchase an Epiphanie, you NEED to have a camera bag to carry your equipment!!!

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