Raspberry Pi Punch

Some things just call for a celebration.
Take Raspberry Pi. We FINALLY got it this weekend and oh.my.god.what.plans.we.have! Sure, it’s mostly Brad’s plans, but I’m always down to be the hapless guinea pig.

And with this punch, you will be too! But why is it called Raspberry Pi? Not only are the ratios eerily similar to 3.14, but it unsuspectingly packs a wallop like the itty-bitty, single-board computer of its namesake. Now drink it up! Just don’t expect to do some fabulous programming while you sip!

Raspberry Pi Punch

ForTheYum Original – Serves 6

1 can Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade concentrated beverage, frozen
1 can Pucker Sour Apple Sass
1 can Cranberry Juice blend

Into a large pitcher, empty 1 can raspberry lemonade beverage. The can is going to be your measuring instrument from here on out, so don’t throw it away!


Into the pitcher add 1 can’s worth of Pucker’s Sour Apple Sass (any apple vodka will do – our choice is always Pucker).


Next add 1 can’s worth cranberry juice blend. Make sure you get a blend for this because the exclusively cranberry juice stuff will be way too tangy for this beverage. Now give it a good stir!


Pour into your favorite glass filled 1/4 full of ice (ha! gotcha :) and enjoy!



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