Want It Wednesday

Welcome to our very first Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday is a weekly post where I’ll share with you some fun products we’ve spotted. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there folks, and we need to buy them all! Or at least lust after them. On to the goodies!

Boho Boutique™ Knotted Yarns Pillow – Turquoise ( 12×12″)
I love this pillow from target! It’s so bumpy and unique, and for only $20 it’s a fun accessory I can use through the summer months.

3Doodler pen via Kickstarter
This is on my Christmas watch list. Because this project is being funded through Kickstarter (a site allowing indie products to fund-raise and connect with potential customers) it’s not available to the public, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen! The 3Doodler is a pen that prints what you draw. Think of it like a hot glue gun which rather than glue, expels quick-drying plastic which can be drawn on 2D surfaces -OR- and this is the badass part, the 3Doodle can be used to create 3D objects by building the plastic up vertically in whatever shape you want! First thing I’m going to make is a dragon. Or a cat. Tomayto. Tomahto.

Dr. Whooves MLP vinyl figurine
Where all my Whoovian’s at?! I am so excited about this vinyl fig of Doctor Who in My Little Pony form. I secretly hope his next incarnation looks just.like.this. My preorder is in – is yours?

Nyan Cat TARDIS tee (for ladies)
Another must have for those of us who would jump at the chance to travel time and space in a police box.

Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision album
Ugh, can I tell you about this album!? It’s been in my playlist for the last month and I have a feeling it’ll be there for a while longer. ‘Radioactive’ is all over the airwaves these days, but ‘Amsterdam’ is my personal fav. Check them out if you’re looking for some new gym tunes!

Nonstick Monkey Bread Pan
How much fun would it be to serve monkey bread from this pan on Easter morning!? My mom is going to flip out at its cuteness! can.not.wait

Have you spied any fun or cool products? Link them up in the comments!

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