Want It Wednesday

Welcome to another Want It Wednesday! Boy did we find some fun things this week – let’s get to them :)

butter London nail lacquer – $15 at Sephora

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I can’t even deal with these colors! Bossy Boots, Trout Pout, and Lovely Jubbly!? GET OUT OF TOWN!!! I need these on my toes and fingers like yesterday. I’ve heard such great reviews of the butter line and these colors might just be the clincher for me to sweet-talk the hubby into driving me 45 minutes to the nearest Sephora.

Rock & Republic Lolita Star Denim Shorts – $39 at Kohls







These shorts speak to me. They say ‘hey stephanie! we know you totally hate shorts, but we all know you’re an 80’s baby and have an ingrained need for all things bleached and frayed. hope you still have that leather jacket and some aquanet – you’re gonna need ’em!’ Luckily I still do have a leather jacket and a can of extra strength AquaNet *sigh* And now I have these shorts!

DotCom Adhesive Buttons – $3.14 at Thinkgeek.com











This one is for all my coworkers :) Laugh. You know you either do this or know someone who does!

Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa – $23 at Bevmo







I haven’t tried this, but my hair stylist swears by Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa. She says it tastes like chocolate with a hint of coffee. I’m not totally sold on whether I’ll like it, but Patron has never let me down before! Expect a tasty cocktail recipe next week ;)


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