Want It Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone! The awesome stuff in today’s Want It Wednesday is for the man in your life. If you bit off his head for leaving the dishes in the sink again, or because he keeps forgetting to talk to that person about that thing they should have done already, get your guy one of these things and you’ll be on his good side in no time!

Koopa Troopa Guitar – Musiccrowns.org


I have no idea who made this guitar, but my husband found it on Himterest (that’s what he calls Pinterest when he uses it – adorable!) and sent me a text with this link and a heart-eyed smiley face. Honestly I thought it was a cake at first glance. A guitar-shaped cake that looked like Yoshi. What is wrong with me?!







Super Mario Balance Block Jenga – $34.99 at Amazon.com


Yeah, I know it’s all in Japanese, but that doesn’t make it any less AWESOME! In fact, my husband would argue it makes it authentic and thus a justifiable purchase. That’s enough to make me press the Buy Now button itself.








ProGlide Power Shave Set (Unscented) – $175 at theartofshaving.com or your local Art of Shaving store


Some guys use razors from the grocery store. Some guys shave with a straight edge razor. If your guy is somewhere in the middle ground, gift him this kit from The Art of Shaving. Complete with high-quality oil, cream, after-shave, a badger hair brush, and a sleek Gillette ProGlide razor, this kit is everything your man could want from a great shave, save going to the barber shop. Bonus for you: smooth kisses. Oh yea!





Superman Men’s Caped Socks – $12.99 at Target

How much fun are these socks!? Even though I secretly want them for myself, what cuter way is there to show your man he’s still your hero and chief creepy-crawly-killer than with a pair of Superman socks! And for only $13 a pair, you can easily grab a Batman version too.

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