Garden Life: Week 1

There is green stuff in our garden.


GREEN as in I haven’t killed it yet! I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m so out of my element it’s not even funny… Seriously guys, I’ve killed plastic plants before {don’t ask} and Lord knows I can’t grow a bamboo luck sprig to save my soul. But this year is going to be different! I can feel it – and better yet I can see it happening right before my eyes!

Huge props to my husband who put up with me while I waffled on the gardening project, finding the plans for raised beds and cajoling him within minutes to drive me to Home Depot where we literally filled our tiny hatchback with lumber, soil, and even more plants. Then he went and built the raised beds himself while I whined about getting a sunburnĀ and how I look terrible in shorts, and just smiled and kissed me when 36 packets of seeds arrived in the mail the next day. Yep, he’s the best husband ever!

Without further ado, I introduce you to THE GARDEN:


Okay, so it looks a little raggity-man and we’re not completely finished placing things {except there’s no way those raised beds are going anywhere. ever}, but it’s GREEN!


Titan strawberries are starting to flower! I got these through Zulily, and when they arrived dormant I thought they were dead and got all kinds of disappointed. Obviously dormant means just that – sleeping – and as soon as they got into the dirt they turned green and went crazy with the shoots. Go strawberries, go!


I can’t even deal with how fuzzy they are. And the color? GAH! I love nature.


Thyme. My favorite herb ever, this stuff really kicked off after we put it in a larger pot. Super excited to make roasted red potatoes with thyme this summer!


What do you suspect this is? I thought it was mint, so when we brought it home I immediately made mojitos for Brad and myself. Only after we drank a few glasses did we admit to each other it tasted ‘off’. The reason being this is chocolate mint. CHOCOLATE. Trust me, chocolate mint does not go well with lime. I’ve got no idea what to do with this stuff, so if any of you have ideas, please tell me!


This here’s REAL mint. Do-over mojitos, comin’ right up!


Watermelon! I thought these wouldn’t make it, but they sprang back from their tiny, prepackaged forms. Hooray!


The heirloom tomatoes have flowers! And I suspect this one’s beenĀ pollinated since the center is all wrapped up. Hello baby tomato!


Purple green beans. They’re the only survivors of my over-watering and Riker’s curiosity. Obviously they’re the strongest of the pack. Alpha green beans, FTW!


Blackberry bush is still kickin’ around. No fruit, but furry as ever :)


Raspberries survived from last year. Again, no fruit but jeepers look at those thorns! I need a bandage just thinking about these guys.


Tiny lime tree is tiny! This thing barely survived the frost last year, and has never grown taller than 2 feet. Sure it’s technically a dwarf lime tree, but I expected some tree-ness to it… Also, look at the cute ant! He’s got his explorer hat on today.


Riker, like any boy his age, is of course not interested in flowers so much as the things that eat them. Enter giant black cricket. I think Riker wanted to be friends, but the cricket wasn’t interested, and we all know what to do with things that don’t want to be our friends…


We eat them! OMNOMNOM

Mr. Cricket sounded more crunchy than the {not pictured} moth and rolly-polly Riker tried to befriend this morning o_O

And one final snippet… lettuce seeds! My friend Karen inspired me to grow lettuce this year. Except I dropped most of them in the grass because I’m graceful like that. We may have a wild lettuce patch in the middle of our yard in a few months!


What’s in your garden this year? I’d love to know!

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