Garden Life: Week 2



The plants are still alive! I know, I’m amazed myself… Especially since it was crazy windy and hot this week. Let’s go see what’s happening out back!


I’m about to put a camera up to watch this plant grow because it’s taking off so fast. Seriously, two weeks ago this tiny shrub was nothing more than a pile of seemingly dead branches and thorns. But no more! What a difference regular watering makes, lol.



Royal purple green beans are still alive, and they’re getting bigger! Look at that beautiful new growth with a purple lining. Strange colored plants make me strangely happy. I think we all know how batcrazy I’m going to go when they start to bear produce… God help me.


Titan strawberries are doin’ their thang. Each plant has at least one flower and some even have BABY STRAWBERRIES!!!

Fotor0504123225OMGSOCUTERIGHT!? I can’t even get over how adorable these strawberrylets are. I can’t wait to eat you, tiny strawberries!!!


Last week I stuffed a handful of white green bean seeds into the empty pots with hopes they’d do something. Let me tell you, don’t plant stuff that way! Because you know as soon as you give up hope on a plant, it springs back. Something we’ve obviously learned from the dwarf lime tree. I’ve now got three medium-sized planter filled with baby white green bean sprouts so if anyone wants some, come on over! The only catch is you have to stay for a boozy drink since it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend :)


Both mints, the blackberry, and thyme are all still kickin’. No real news on those besides the fact they’re not dead yet. I have my suspicions about the thyme though… It hasn’t really done anything since we planted it other than start to lean in weird directions (mostly south… wtf!?).


This here would be a sunflower sprout. Not that you can tell because some enterprising bird or pest has decided to eat the tops off every.single plant! I’ve got a few more seeds left over so I’ll probably have to start those in the safety of the house and move them outside in a week or so. garden_life_02-25

Borage, or starflower plants, are staring to appear! I picked them up since they’re supposed to be a great companion plant for tomatoes since they keep the lovably invasive hornworms away. Also, they’re so dang pretty when they bloom!


Tiny squash are starting to sprout!


Also, ARTICHOKES! Omfg, I cannot wait to eat a home grown artichoke. GET IN MY BELLY!


And with that, we’re off to the Yucaipa Music and Arts Fest up in Old Town. Come on out and join us :) It’s a beautiful day to hang out in the garden… THE BEER GARDEN OF COURSE!

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