Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Our puppy graduated from obedience school!

Look at those faces! I love my boys :) SO PROUD

Because this is solidly the most exciting day of our lives as a family, I had to make a treat for our little monster. Something sweet but nutritious. And of course made with peanut butter (side note: anyone else’s dog do back flips for nut butter? just us? okay…)

These froyo treats are made with banana, organic peanut butter, carob chips, honey, and Greek yogurt. All natural, all healthy, and all COMPLETELY doggie safe!

Congratulations Riker! We love you to pieces and are so proud and thankful to have you as part of our family :)

Check out How to Make Frozen Yogurt Treats for Dogs by Stephanie Wertman on Snapguide.


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