Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m super glad you stopped by to see what ForTheYum is all about :)

ForTheYum has been kicking around the internet since 2010 where it all started with World of Warcraft and a lowly, mini cheesecake. Since then we’ve moved on to newer games and bigger recipes, but we still hold strong allegiances to the Horde and sweetened cream cheese.

I started blogging to chronicle the meals and log the recipes I cooked up for my husband, Brad. It’s no secret that we’re both picky eaters, so finding a meal we both like and can eat while gaming is cause for celebration – and as shindigs go, it’s meant to be shared with  friends. That’s where you come in!

Head over to Foodies and check out our entire recipe collection, Miscellaneous to see what we do when not in the kitchen, and Nom-worthy for tried and true recipes which are well worth omnoming.


Have a question, want to see a recipe featured, or just saying hi? Leave a comment! I <3’em!

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