Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Our puppy graduated from obedience school!

Look at those faces! I love my boys :) SO PROUD

Because this is solidly the most exciting day of our lives as a family, I had to make a treat for our little monster. Something sweet but nutritious. And of course made with peanut butter (side note: anyone else’s dog do back flips for nut butter? just us? okay…)

These froyo treats are made with banana, organic peanut butter, carob chips, honey, and Greek yogurt. All natural, all healthy, and all COMPLETELY doggie safe!

Congratulations Riker! We love you to pieces and are so proud and thankful to have you as part of our family :)

Check out How to Make Frozen Yogurt Treats for Dogs by Stephanie Wertman on Snapguide.



Garden Life: Week 2



The plants are still alive! I know, I’m amazed myself… Especially since it was crazy windy and hot this week. Let’s go see what’s happening out back!


I’m about to put a camera up to watch this plant grow because it’s taking off so fast. Seriously, two weeks ago this tiny shrub was nothing more than a pile of seemingly dead branches and thorns. But no more! What a difference regular watering makes, lol.



Royal purple green beans are still alive, and they’re getting bigger! Look at that beautiful new growth with a purple lining. Strange colored plants make me strangely happy. I think we all know how batcrazy I’m going to go when they start to bear produce… God help me.


Titan strawberries are doin’ their thang. Each plant has at least one flower and some even have BABY STRAWBERRIES!!!

Fotor0504123225OMGSOCUTERIGHT!? I can’t even get over how adorable these strawberrylets are. I can’t wait to eat you, tiny strawberries!!!


Last week I stuffed a handful of white green bean seeds into the empty pots with hopes they’d do something. Let me tell you, don’t plant stuff that way! Because you know as soon as you give up hope on a plant, it springs back. Something we’ve obviously learned from the dwarf lime tree. I’ve now got three medium-sized planter filled with baby white green bean sprouts so if anyone wants some, come on over! The only catch is you have to stay for a boozy drink since it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend :)


Both mints, the blackberry, and thyme are all still kickin’. No real news on those besides the fact they’re not dead yet. I have my suspicions about the thyme though… It hasn’t really done anything since we planted it other than start to lean in weird directions (mostly south… wtf!?).


This here would be a sunflower sprout. Not that you can tell because some enterprising bird or pest has decided to eat the tops off every.single plant! I’ve got a few more seeds left over so I’ll probably have to start those in the safety of the house and move them outside in a week or so. garden_life_02-25

Borage, or starflower plants, are staring to appear! I picked them up since they’re supposed to be a great companion plant for tomatoes since they keep the lovably invasive hornworms away. Also, they’re so dang pretty when they bloom!


Tiny squash are starting to sprout!


Also, ARTICHOKES! Omfg, I cannot wait to eat a home grown artichoke. GET IN MY BELLY!


And with that, we’re off to the Yucaipa Music and Arts Fest up in Old Town. Come on out and join us :) It’s a beautiful day to hang out in the garden… THE BEER GARDEN OF COURSE!


Garden Life: Week 1

There is green stuff in our garden.


GREEN as in I haven’t killed it yet! I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m so out of my element it’s not even funny… Seriously guys, I’ve killed plastic plants before {don’t ask} and Lord knows I can’t grow a bamboo luck sprig to save my soul. But this year is going to be different! I can feel it – and better yet I can see it happening right before my eyes!

Huge props to my husband who put up with me while I waffled on the gardening project, finding the plans for raised beds and cajoling him within minutes to drive me to Home Depot where we literally filled our tiny hatchback with lumber, soil, and even more plants. Then he went and built the raised beds himself while I whined about getting a sunburn and how I look terrible in shorts, and just smiled and kissed me when 36 packets of seeds arrived in the mail the next day. Yep, he’s the best husband ever!

Without further ado, I introduce you to THE GARDEN:


Okay, so it looks a little raggity-man and we’re not completely finished placing things {except there’s no way those raised beds are going anywhere. ever}, but it’s GREEN!


Titan strawberries are starting to flower! I got these through Zulily, and when they arrived dormant I thought they were dead and got all kinds of disappointed. Obviously dormant means just that – sleeping – and as soon as they got into the dirt they turned green and went crazy with the shoots. Go strawberries, go!


I can’t even deal with how fuzzy they are. And the color? GAH! I love nature.


Thyme. My favorite herb ever, this stuff really kicked off after we put it in a larger pot. Super excited to make roasted red potatoes with thyme this summer!


What do you suspect this is? I thought it was mint, so when we brought it home I immediately made mojitos for Brad and myself. Only after we drank a few glasses did we admit to each other it tasted ‘off’. The reason being this is chocolate mint. CHOCOLATE. Trust me, chocolate mint does not go well with lime. I’ve got no idea what to do with this stuff, so if any of you have ideas, please tell me!


This here’s REAL mint. Do-over mojitos, comin’ right up!


Watermelon! I thought these wouldn’t make it, but they sprang back from their tiny, prepackaged forms. Hooray!


The heirloom tomatoes have flowers! And I suspect this one’s been pollinated since the center is all wrapped up. Hello baby tomato!


Purple green beans. They’re the only survivors of my over-watering and Riker’s curiosity. Obviously they’re the strongest of the pack. Alpha green beans, FTW!


Blackberry bush is still kickin’ around. No fruit, but furry as ever :)


Raspberries survived from last year. Again, no fruit but jeepers look at those thorns! I need a bandage just thinking about these guys.


Tiny lime tree is tiny! This thing barely survived the frost last year, and has never grown taller than 2 feet. Sure it’s technically a dwarf lime tree, but I expected some tree-ness to it… Also, look at the cute ant! He’s got his explorer hat on today.


Riker, like any boy his age, is of course not interested in flowers so much as the things that eat them. Enter giant black cricket. I think Riker wanted to be friends, but the cricket wasn’t interested, and we all know what to do with things that don’t want to be our friends…


We eat them! OMNOMNOM

Mr. Cricket sounded more crunchy than the {not pictured} moth and rolly-polly Riker tried to befriend this morning o_O

And one final snippet… lettuce seeds! My friend Karen inspired me to grow lettuce this year. Except I dropped most of them in the grass because I’m graceful like that. We may have a wild lettuce patch in the middle of our yard in a few months!


What’s in your garden this year? I’d love to know!

Want It Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone! The awesome stuff in today’s Want It Wednesday is for the man in your life. If you bit off his head for leaving the dishes in the sink again, or because he keeps forgetting to talk to that person about that thing they should have done already, get your guy one of these things and you’ll be on his good side in no time!

Koopa Troopa Guitar –


I have no idea who made this guitar, but my husband found it on Himterest (that’s what he calls Pinterest when he uses it – adorable!) and sent me a text with this link and a heart-eyed smiley face. Honestly I thought it was a cake at first glance. A guitar-shaped cake that looked like Yoshi. What is wrong with me?!







Super Mario Balance Block Jenga – $34.99 at


Yeah, I know it’s all in Japanese, but that doesn’t make it any less AWESOME! In fact, my husband would argue it makes it authentic and thus a justifiable purchase. That’s enough to make me press the Buy Now button itself.








ProGlide Power Shave Set (Unscented) – $175 at or your local Art of Shaving store


Some guys use razors from the grocery store. Some guys shave with a straight edge razor. If your guy is somewhere in the middle ground, gift him this kit from The Art of Shaving. Complete with high-quality oil, cream, after-shave, a badger hair brush, and a sleek Gillette ProGlide razor, this kit is everything your man could want from a great shave, save going to the barber shop. Bonus for you: smooth kisses. Oh yea!





Superman Men’s Caped Socks – $12.99 at Target

How much fun are these socks!? Even though I secretly want them for myself, what cuter way is there to show your man he’s still your hero and chief creepy-crawly-killer than with a pair of Superman socks! And for only $13 a pair, you can easily grab a Batman version too.

Don’t forget to link up with your awesome finds too :)


Want It Wednesday

Welcome to another Want It Wednesday! Boy did we find some fun things this week – let’s get to them :)

butter London nail lacquer – $15 at Sephora

s1414358-main-hero s1414440-main-hero s1446020-main-hero

I can’t even deal with these colors! Bossy Boots, Trout Pout, and Lovely Jubbly!? GET OUT OF TOWN!!! I need these on my toes and fingers like yesterday. I’ve heard such great reviews of the butter line and these colors might just be the clincher for me to sweet-talk the hubby into driving me 45 minutes to the nearest Sephora.

Rock & Republic Lolita Star Denim Shorts – $39 at Kohls







These shorts speak to me. They say ‘hey stephanie! we know you totally hate shorts, but we all know you’re an 80’s baby and have an ingrained need for all things bleached and frayed. hope you still have that leather jacket and some aquanet – you’re gonna need ’em!’ Luckily I still do have a leather jacket and a can of extra strength AquaNet *sigh* And now I have these shorts!

DotCom Adhesive Buttons – $3.14 at











This one is for all my coworkers :) Laugh. You know you either do this or know someone who does!

Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa – $23 at Bevmo







I haven’t tried this, but my hair stylist swears by Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa. She says it tastes like chocolate with a hint of coffee. I’m not totally sold on whether I’ll like it, but Patron has never let me down before! Expect a tasty cocktail recipe next week ;)


Link up in the comments if you’ve seen something cool!


Want It Wednesday

Blueberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake Bars


Did you know today is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day? I had no idea, but that won’t stop me from making Brenda’s cheesecake bars when we get home tonight! Come to momma.

24 Karat Easter Egg Coloring Kit – $2.99 at Toys R Us


Oh my god! Finally I can eat a golden egg :) The Veruca Salt in me is quite pleased. I want it now!

Starfish Napkin Rings (Set of 4) – $26 at Pottery Barn


I can’t wait to use these this summer. How much fun would a pool party be with starfish napkin rings studding the table scape!? Love it :)

Chocolate Zombie Bunny – $16 from


Making an Easter basket for a Walking Dead fan? Look no further for the ultimate treat – chocolate zombie bunny! Don’t worry about guts and disease – zombification has turned this little guy into white chocolate from the inside out :)

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Want It Wednesday


Because our family grew by one this weekend, today’s Want It Wednesday is a roundup of all the awesome-sauce doggy stuff out there!

BarkBox (starting at $18/mo)
Think of this as a care package for your pup! Each month, Barkbox subscribers receive a box of goodies for their dog – ranging from snacks and toys, to gadgets and grooming products. Just designate the size of your furry friend, choose a subscription plan, and your box is on its way! My favorite part of the deal is that 10% of the proceeds go to help dog shelters in New York! If that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

SQU1RR3L! t-shirt ($24.54)
Ohmahgawd! I need this shirt so badly, and so do you if you’re a fan of K-9 :) Whoovian’s unite!

Humunga Stache ($12)
This KILLS me! And they have lip and tongue versions too if that’s up your alley :) I cannot wait to see Riker trotting around with this in his mouth, bwahahahaha!

StarMark Training Clicker ($4.99)
Yes please! Our little guy is so full of energy that this clicker is going to he the only way to grab his attention without physical contact. I love that it comes with a training guide too!

Bacon Bark Sticks (from SpoonForkBacon)
Hello deliciousness! These are on my list of things to make this weekend. I might even share some with Riker ;)

Riker approves :)


Want It Wednesday

Welcome to our very first Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday is a weekly post where I’ll share with you some fun products we’ve spotted. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there folks, and we need to buy them all! Or at least lust after them. On to the goodies!

Boho Boutique™ Knotted Yarns Pillow – Turquoise ( 12×12″)
I love this pillow from target! It’s so bumpy and unique, and for only $20 it’s a fun accessory I can use through the summer months.

3Doodler pen via Kickstarter
This is on my Christmas watch list. Because this project is being funded through Kickstarter (a site allowing indie products to fund-raise and connect with potential customers) it’s not available to the public, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen! The 3Doodler is a pen that prints what you draw. Think of it like a hot glue gun which rather than glue, expels quick-drying plastic which can be drawn on 2D surfaces -OR- and this is the badass part, the 3Doodle can be used to create 3D objects by building the plastic up vertically in whatever shape you want! First thing I’m going to make is a dragon. Or a cat. Tomayto. Tomahto.

Dr. Whooves MLP vinyl figurine
Where all my Whoovian’s at?! I am so excited about this vinyl fig of Doctor Who in My Little Pony form. I secretly hope his next incarnation looks My preorder is in – is yours?

Nyan Cat TARDIS tee (for ladies)
Another must have for those of us who would jump at the chance to travel time and space in a police box.

Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision album
Ugh, can I tell you about this album!? It’s been in my playlist for the last month and I have a feeling it’ll be there for a while longer. ‘Radioactive’ is all over the airwaves these days, but ‘Amsterdam’ is my personal fav. Check them out if you’re looking for some new gym tunes!

Nonstick Monkey Bread Pan
How much fun would it be to serve monkey bread from this pan on Easter morning!? My mom is going to flip out at its cuteness! can.not.wait

Have you spied any fun or cool products? Link them up in the comments!


Raspberry Pi Punch

Some things just call for a celebration.
Take Raspberry Pi. We FINALLY got it this weekend and! Sure, it’s mostly Brad’s plans, but I’m always down to be the hapless guinea pig.

And with this punch, you will be too! But why is it called Raspberry Pi? Not only are the ratios eerily similar to 3.14, but it unsuspectingly packs a wallop like the itty-bitty, single-board computer of its namesake. Now drink it up! Just don’t expect to do some fabulous programming while you sip!

Raspberry Pi Punch

ForTheYum Original – Serves 6

1 can Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade concentrated beverage, frozen
1 can Pucker Sour Apple Sass
1 can Cranberry Juice blend

Into a large pitcher, empty 1 can raspberry lemonade beverage. The can is going to be your measuring instrument from here on out, so don’t throw it away!


Into the pitcher add 1 can’s worth of Pucker’s Sour Apple Sass (any apple vodka will do – our choice is always Pucker).


Next add 1 can’s worth cranberry juice blend. Make sure you get a blend for this because the exclusively cranberry juice stuff will be way too tangy for this beverage. Now give it a good stir!


Pour into your favorite glass filled 1/4 full of ice (ha! gotcha :) and enjoy!